Thank you schools

Welcome back!  We hope you return to school rested and ready for the exciting year ahead.  Please take a look at our assembly resources, the yearly cycles and the individual themed packs.  There are also links to online videos from around the internet, linked to our weekly themes.  All our resources are designed to make a lasting positive impact on pupils and reduce the workload of teachers.

About Us

Simply Collective Worship is a scheme of primary school assemblies that has been written to support the busy life of any primary school. Our resources are based on the experience we have gained as teachers and in providing support and training to teachers.  Simply Collective Worship is committed to helping schools foster a truly valued and inclusive school community.

4 Year Cycle

Simply Collective Worship is a digital resource and consists of a four year set of assemblies and thoughts for the day.  Single yearly cycles can be bought separately.  Each yearly cycle consists of 195 assemblies and thoughts for the day arranged into 39 weekly themes.

Themed Series

New for 2020, our Themed Series digital resource is a selection of our assemblies taken from the 4 year resource organised into relevant themed resources.  The Themed series are digital resource.

5 Week Free Sample

Sample resource front cover

Planning 2020/21

Cycle 1 planning cover 2020

Planning 2021/22

Cycle 2 Front Cover 2021-22

Themes and Values

Themes and Values Planning

All previous planning documents can be found on the ‘Downloads‘ page

Themes and Calendar Links

We post links to videos and images from the internet that we think are relevant to our themes as well as other important religious and cultural topics.  Useful for RE and Collective Worship coordinators.  Be sure to bookmark this page!


Simply Collective Worship is a four year scheme, each year of our resource will consist of 195 assemblies and thoughts for the day, that’s 780 over the four years. We think that is great value. Our ‘Themed Series’ resources are individually priced.

  • Complete four-year scheme

  • Individual Yearly Cycle

  • Themed Series Resources (Currently - Festivals, UK and Wonderful World)

    £35 each
  • RE Project Learning Resource - Design an Airport Multi-Faith and Belief Room


Training Material

We post short videos that can be used in staff meetings to inspire discussion, we also include download material.

Multi Faith Prayer Room

RE Project Learning Resource

RE Project Learning Resource – After pupils receive an email stating that architects want them to design a multi-faith and belief room for an airport being built in your locality, they will endeavour to plan, research and collate the information.  The resource is flexible and pupil led and contains enough activities and information to keep pupils occupied for at least half a term.  The learning pack consists of detailed lesson/session plans, suggestions for extending the learning with a clear aim to include the learners in directing, researching and designing their own Multi-Faith and Belief Room.  Ideal as a blending learning opportunity.  Click the image for more details.