Feel Good Assemblies

Feel Good Assemblies is our four year set of assemblies and active reflections for children aged 3 to 7. Single yearly cycles can be bought separately.  Each yearly cycle consists of 195 assemblies and active reflections arranged into 39 weekly themes. That’s 780 assemblies and thoughts for the day over the 4 years, which can be repeated on a 4 year cycle (Click on an image).

Click here to access our download page where you can download a 5 week sample and access all our planning material.

Feelings and Me

This scheme has been designed to aid the healthy development of children’s feelings and emotions. ‘Feelings and Me’ is a four-stage process developing of children’s awareness of their own feelings and emotions.


I See, I Hear – Learning to identify different feelings by seeing and hearing them in stories, in others or in ourselves.

I Feel – Learning to express how these feelings feel.

I Understand – Showing understanding of the many reasons that cause these feelings in ourselves and in others.

I Can – Developing strategies for healthy emotional expression and showing empathy to others.

Supporting Evidence/Research

Feel Good Assemblies and our ‘Feelings and Me’ framework are based on educational and psychological research to help teachers develop healthy emotional awareness in children aged 3-7.  Click here for a useful guide explaining the research underpinning our resources as well as providing some insight that will help you as you seek to develop the emotional wellbeing of your learners.