Simply Collective Worship is a four year scheme, each year of our resource will consist of 195 assemblies and thoughts for the day, that’s 780 over the four years.  We think that is great value.

  • Simply Collective Worship: Complete four-year scheme.

  • Simply Collective Worship: Cycle Three (2018-19).

  • Simply Collective Worship: Cycle Four (2018-19) - Pals, Perseverance and Plundering Pirates


Cycle 3 is the current Cycle and planned for 2018-19.  Cycle 4 is available now and can be ordered now in preparation for the 2019-20 academic year, we will send you Cycle 4.  Cycle 1 was planned for 2016-17, Cycle 2 was planned for 2017-18.  Each cycle can be reused once the 4 year cycle has been completed – updated planning will always be available from our website

Simply Collective Worship is an electronic resource and will be emailed to the school when the order has been placed.

Purchase either the four-year scheme at a 25% discount or buy one year at a time.

If you purchase the four-year scheme today, you will receive Cycle 3 and 4.   Cycles 1 and 2 will be emailed to you when they are re-organised for 2020-21 and 2021-22.

You will be invoiced when we send the resource. If sending an order by post you may wish to pay by cheque or wait for the invoice – please make cheques payable to Simply Collective Worship Limited.