Themes and Calendar Links

We post links to videos and images from the internet that we think are relevant to our themes as well as other important religious and cultural topics.  Useful for RE and Collective Worship coordinators.  Be sure to bookmark this page!


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October ’21

Other links and notable dates

19th Oct – Milad un Nabi (Sunni)

24th Oct – Milad un Nabi (Shi’a)

31st Oct – All Hallows’ Eve and Halloween

December ’21

Cycle 1 links

Week 12 Advent

Week 13 Prepare to Wait

Week 15* Christmas

*The numbers correspond to the order of the themes in cycle 2

Other links and notable dates

8th Dec – Bodhi Day

25th Dec – Christmas

  • See Week 15

April ’22

June ’22

Cycle 1 links

Other links and notable dates

3rd June – UN World Bicycle Day

4th – 6th June – Shavuot

5th June – UN World Environmental Day

5th June – Pentecost

8th June – UN World Oceans Day

12th June – UN World Day Against Child Labour

20th June – UN World Refugee Day

August ’22

Cycle 1 links

Summer Holiday

Other links and notable dates